Regular and proper care on your intimate area will take you to life without concerns about bacteria and infections.

Nowadays in every beauty market or regular market you can buy products for intimate care, or product that will help you to reduce inflammation and bacteria.

The reason for this everyday cleaning is forestall bacterium.

In addition to this article we are going to present you a couple of methods for preventing and reducing inflammation and bacteria on your intimate area.

1. Mating

The Chinese brought this kind of method which includes sitting and smoking a bowl of wormwood tea in combination with different other herbs.

This will improve the circulation, eliminate the toxins, including bacteria, from your intimate zone.

Many doctors claim that women need to eliminate the usage of gels and other hygiene ingredients, because they harm your health.

The zone is capable of cleaning on its own, so you will need to take the harming substances off.

2. Washing

Most of the women are using intimate gels for rinsing the intimate area. Numerous doctors forbid the intimate gels because they are the main factor of causing several health problems, including infertility. As we already said, women need to remove gels from its usage, because the zone has an antibacterial substance which creates by itself and will keep it clean.

The only thing you should do while you shower is to clean the zone only with hot water. The rest of the work will be done by your organism.

3. Wipe

You should never forget that you need to wipe from front to back in order to avoid bacteria being transmitted from the back side. These wiping is because the back side contains a lot of bacteria, no matter how often you will clean it.

Also when you take a shower you should wash only the surface only with water, without any kind of chemicals.

Furthermore, when you are taking a shower, never forget that intimate are need to be washed only with hot water.

4. Intimate gels and soaps

Soaps and gels are the main causer of inflammation and bacteria in the intimate area. These are most common between the teenagers.

These girls are always trying something new and soaps will make the skin dry and immediately cause irritation. Once the irritation is made, the zone will become perfect environment for bacteria. When bacteria is present in this zone, it is very hard to be eliminated.

This is because the intimate zone is one of the most sensitive parts of the whole body.

So, as a solution to this problem we offer you cleaning with only hot water.

All in all, the girls often have problems with irritation, but if you follow these tips, and wash the intimate area regularly, you will be on the safe side.

Furthermore, as a result of improper care of your intimate parts you may cause acne.  This situation we know it as vaginal acne.

Acne are not something that you will have on other parts of the body, you can have it on your intimate zone too. But, there are a lot of other conditions which are mixed to be acne and those are vulva acne, ingrown hair and infection.

This issue, vaginal acne, will appear when the pores on the vaginal layer are clogged with debris and bacteria.

Moreover, the reason why facial acne can appear, and why vaginal acne can appear is the same, and that is hormone imbalance. And, for more complicated situation it can be combined with bacteria, It contain more fluid or sebum.

But, as a solution to this we advise you to consume more flax-seed, crucifies veggies, good fats.