This period is when the summer is ending, end of the summer.
During this period, there are no people on the beach, no crowd, but instead of that we have annoying mosquitoes.

According to the scientist mosquitoes comes on the beaches because of the smell of water, and also attracts them the smell of the sweat.
So people who go on a beach, they are sweating and mosquitoes come and bite.

Many diseases can be transmitted from mosquitoes, most common is malaria.
In case you are already been bitten by mosquito a lot, then this s the right article for you.

A lot of product will guarantee you a fast recovery and healing from them, but not all of them will help you.
So, lets imagine a situation where you are on a date and mosquitoes attack you.

In order to eliminate this and to prevent mosquito’s bites, you need to consume Vitamin B1.

This vitamin is contained in the oatmeal, eggs, yeast, rice and asparagus.
Vitamin B1 prevents mosquito bites.

It will change the scent for the mosquitoes.

Now once you consume vitamin B1 you will eliminate the mosquitos to get close to you, and you won’t attract them anymore.

In case vitamin b intake is not working, you can consume more vitamins.

Vitamins will give you more benefits, for example it will keep you free from diseases, and will prevent several health issues.

Those who struggle with anorexia will consume more vitamins.

You need to take 100mg vitamin B1 on a daily basis, and this will prevent you from having Diabetes type 2, preventing contracts, improve the nerves and the nervous system.

Oil frоm Tеа trее
Lаvеndеr Oil
Witch Hаzеl
Cооl Bоilеd Wаtеr

8 ounces containing bottle, fill with 4 ounces’ water. In the water add ½ teaspoon witch hazel, and 15 drops of tea tree oil.
At the end you need to add lavender oil.

Spray this whenever you think there will be mosquitoes.