The injuries that we all get more frequent are the ones of the wrist.

But, we need to be very careful, because in most of the cases they are not that bad, but sometimes it may be an injury which will cause something very big and bad.

As a result of broken bone, the wrist injuries occur, also from inflammation, infection, cysts and tumors.

We are not suggesting you to visit a doctor after each problem, but in case you notice some of the signs which we are going to present you, you need to visit the doctor.

You will see why!

The wrist can be inflamed by bursitis, arthritis, tendinitis, sprains, strains and fracture of the bones.

In addition, we are presenting you some causes of wrist injuries.

This s kind of inflammation which is on the fluid filled synovial which is a cover for tendon.
In case of too much stress, and huge trauma, it will get inflamed.
This is happening to the people who are working physical job.

De Quervain Syndrome
This is situation of affection of the extensor ligament of the thumb, and soreness and swelling appears. Also it can appear cysts and nodules,
The ligament is thickening and a pain appears.

Nodular tenosynovitis
This can be appeared in case you have some kind of tumor on the hand.
Often they are presented in the thumb, index and medium finger, but the others are not exclusion, also you can find them in hip, wrist, knees, and shoulders.
These tumors are without pain.

This represents lump in the synovial cyst, next to the joints.
This can be result of survived trauma, and most of the lumps especially in the wrist are gangliomas.
The size is mostly 2.5 cm.

In case you have tumor and wrist in the hand, you know how painful they are.
The cure for this kind of pain can be made with painkillers. But it can cause you some side effects, and serious problems.
You may need to go for surgery.

You need to detect the issue on time, before it is too late.
So if it is discovered on time, the doctor can help you with some appropriate therapy.

Not, each injury of wrist will cause you these serious problems, but some of them can.

So you need to check yourself, and you will detect the issue on time, so you will be able to continue with the normal life.