Extremities are very important part of the body. The lower extremities can influence our heath. You need to take care of them, because everything is connected in our organism.

If you are taking necessary care of your feet, you will eliminate the possibility of back pain, hip pain and knee pain.
In the past, a lot of Chinese were using acupressure. To be precisely they used this technique for more than 5000 years.

Acupressure Is a method for pain relief which is made by applying pressure on certain points of the body, in order to eliminate stress, improve the functions of specific organs and to solve some health issues.

There is similarity to acupressure and acupuncture.
For acupressure the only essential tool is the hand.

In addition to this post, we are providing you the best exercises for eliminating the foot pain, back pain, imbalance of some functions of the organism.

In order to do this exercise you need to stand. It is an exercise which serves as warm up.
In straight position, bend the knees and grip the floor with the toes.
Stay in this position for a couple of seconds, around 5 seconds. We recommend repeating this exercise 3 times, 10 series.

You need to raise yourself on the tip of your toes and walk like that for 20 seconds.
Do this exercise two times in a day. It will make your muscles stronger, more elastic.

In order to make this exercise, you need to sit on the floor, and put your legs in front of you.
Around the bedpost you need to wrap a band for exercising. Next thing is to lean on the back side to make the band tight.
Keep yourself, in this position, for 5 seconds.
Do this exercise 10 times, with a break of 3 seconds between each repetition.

This exercise is made in lied position, and position the leg over your head.
The next step is to make circles with the ankle of the leg over your head, and while you do this you need to count to ten.

Then, repeat the action with the another leg.
This exercise will make your ankles more elastic and will make the stronger, too.

This is essential for eliminating the possibility to break a leg.



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