Skin issues are very common nowadays.

They appear because of  most of the dust and not so good hygiene.
In the past there were so many homemade remedies, which are really helpful, but people today haven’t heard of them. They are using special creams, masks which are all filled with chemicals, and the worst thing they are expensive.

In addition to this, we are going to provide you one homemade recipe for clogged pores and dirty skin. You will clean your face in less than half an hour.
 spotless unused toothbrush
 1 tablespoon toothpaste
 1 tablespoon heating powder
 Warm water
First step: You need to wash your face with soap. Dry the face and see which are the affected areas.
Second step: Make a mixture of baking powder, toothpaste and water in a can. Put the mask on already marked affected areas.
Third step: You need to give your face a massage on the affected zone. Use a toothbrush!
Fourth step: when you finish, leave the mask to set for one minute, and take it off with a soft towel.
Fifth step: Last but not least, you need to wash your face with warm water.
You will be surprised from the results.