Dark Pores are something that we all are irritated.

The clogged pores are dark pores, and they are made by impurities, sebum, dirt and bacteria. So the pores are becoming brown.

In addition to this post we are going to provide you some good natural remedies, which will help you to clean your legs, and eliminate the dark spots on the legs.

Baking soda
Tea tree oil
Olive oil


First step
You need to put your legs in a bathtub with hot water, so your pores will be opened, and the skin will be softer and easier to eliminate the dead skin.
The soaking process should last for 15 minutes. All of the affected areas need to be underwater.

Second step
You need to do the exfoliation process, so you will rub with baking soda. You can take a tablespoon of this ingredient and add the same amount water.
Rub your affected area and scrub the skin. Do this process for 5 minutes.

Third Step
Once you do the exfoliation process, you will need to massage the affected area with oils, especially with tea tree oil. It will make your legs disinfected, because of its antibacterial features.

Tips and Hacks:
The hot water will open the pores, so you will be able to eliminate the dirt easily.

Exfoliating process will contribute the skin to have smoother, softer and shinier look.

The baking soda has the property to clean the clogged pores and eliminate the dead skin.

It won’t cause you inflammation and irritation.
The one oil which can contribute to the elimination and prevention of acne is tea tree oil.

In order to use these, tea tree oil, for the legs, you need to dilute it in 5 % solution, and it can be made with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 drops of this famous tea tree oil.