Vaseline and petroleum jelly are used all over the world.

They have different usages, from moisturizers of dry skin, to chapped lips, burns, protecting the tattoo, etc.

But, according to last researches, Vaseline is not that good for your organism.

Basically, people think that they are making good, but they harm their selves by using petroleum jelly.

It depends on the day, whether the weather is cold or hot, people use something to protect their skin from drying.

The worst thing is that when you are applying Vaseline you are making the proper environment where the bacteria live.

For example, in case you have burns, you apply Vaseline, you are pouring yourself to rick of infection of the burn.

This is happening with the children, with your mouth etc. We don’t need bacteria, right?

In addition, we are going to tell you why you need to stop using Vaseline!

Destroys skin collagen:

By using petroleum jelly you will clog the pores on the skin, and make it impossible to breathe. That is how the collagen is being destroys. Also, it can accept the nutrients well, and damages as we already said the collagen.

It can cause Pneumonia

In case you still continue to use Vaseline, you can reach to inflammation called Pneumonia lipid.

It is happening when the organism contains too much Vaseline, accepted through the skin.

When the body cannot eliminate the Vaseline, the lungs are getting damaged.

Full of hydrocarbons:

The skin is not dissolving and eliminating Vaseline, it is only making stock. So you are at a great risk of developing diseases.

It is like a protective artificial skin, which will stop the body from healing.

So, in order to avoid damages and serious diseases, as moisturizer you can use most of the oils, for example coconut oil.