The eye bags are something that we all want to erase from our face.

It is a sign of lack of sleep, too much work, tiredness, and also can be caused by too much crying, allergies, hormone changes and age.

Unless it is a result of genetic, it is very annoying, when all of the people are saying to you that you didn’t sleep well, and you are still tired.

In addition to this post we are going to present you the solution for this problem.

The solution is tea bag,
The tea bags will calm the skin, and will eliminate the bags.
It can rejuvenate the skin, and also get your eyes rest.
You need to boil a water and put the tea bags in the water for 10 minutes approximately.
So take the bags out and put them in the fridge around half an hour.


The process how the remedy works

The teas which you supposed to boil, black, green, white contain caffeine. That will eliminate the swelling. The dark circles will be whitened.
There were many surveys which proved that these tea bags can take off the under eye bags.

Also the puffiness will be lowered.

Cold compress
Once the tea bags are cold, they will have the ability to eliminate the swelling, and the redness too.
It is considered that the blood vessels are shrinking, so this is very beneficial, especially when you have lack of sleep and you are tire too much.
You can use also frizzed spoons and bags of peas, which are also very useful.

These antioxidants, won’t leave you the allergies do some harm to you.
Antioxidants have the power to kill the toxins, and eliminating the inflammation.

In addition, we are going to present you what kind of teas you need to use in order to achieve the best result you can.

Green Tea
This tea is good for elimination of the tiredness, and lack of sleep. There were some researches in the recent years, and the scientists discovered that the paste from green tea is one very safe and effective way to treat under eye bags.
You need to use the tea bags in lukewarm condition, on the eyes. Keep them there until they are cold.

Black tea
You can use this tea cold. Apply the tea bags on your eyes. The tea has the power to eliminate the redness, and tired eyes.

Chamomile tea
Chamomile is one of the most common used teas, for treatment and for drinking.
The tea contains anti-inflammatory properties, so that is the cover behind the numerous usage.
You can also use chamomile oils, but they are the much expensive variant.

Lavender Tea
Lavender is the most used essential oil of all, and the tea is nothing less.
It is also very beneficial and you can use it for calming effect on your eyes.

You need to apply two cold lavender tea bags and let them on your eyes, until they are very cold.
You will feel and see the effect of relaxation.

How to pick a tea?
These teas are all homemade remedies for under eyes bags.

Neither one tea is more effective than the other. This depends on the people organism, so you can use the tea that you like the most, and you enjoy the most.

The teas which are full of caffeine may jump up from the scale a little bit, but the difference is not quite big, you may even not notice the differences.