Detoxification is the key to a longer and healthier life. Why? Because, even more in today’s world and the life in the intoxicated and polluted big cities, gravely endangers our health.

As the fish in the sea that are surrounded by plastic and toxic waste, we are no better in the polluted oxygen era we live in.

Do you know that an average person is exposed to 2.5 billion pounds of toxic chemicals throughout a single year? Can you imagine what that does to your body?

Let’s talk about the symptoms and consequences.

Yellow teeth and bad breath

In this case, you are exactly what you breath. These are physical signs of a chemical buildup in your organism. This is a fighting mechanism of your body, trying to get rid of the extra toxins inside.


They can be a result of various reasons, but also, because of toxification. Chemical toxins can irritate the central nervous system and migraines and headaches that come sudden can be a very possible effect of chemical toxification.

Pain in the muscles and joints

Can also be caused by chemical toxins and just another cry for help from your body to get rid of too many toxins.

Fluid retention

If your body is looking swollen, or you are facing congested sinuses, it might be a sign that there are too much chemical that can’t leave your body the natural way, so the fluids that are connected to them are also staying inside your organism.

Excessive abdominal fat

Can be a cry for help from your overburdened and improperly working liver.


If you’re feeling so tired, but aren’t able to fall asleep, it might be because your blood vessels are full of toxins and you’re actually struggling with bad circulation. Having stiff joints and cold fingers on the hands and feet is another sign of this.

Overeating and excessive sweating

Are also signs of damaged and dysfunctional liver, because that’s the organ in charge with toxin processing in our bodies.

So, basically, WE ALL NEED A DETOX. Some of us more occasionally, depending on where we eat and what kind of lifestyle we have.

Here are some most common detox ways.

  • A healthier diet, that includes more fiber from vegetables and proteins from nuts
  • Green tea – is a world – famous detoxifier. Drinking a single cup of green tea per day can help the free radicals from taking over the body.
  • Sauna – excessive sweating is actually releasing the extra toxins from the body. Plus, you feel so relaxed and can also cure that insomnia after a god day in the spa!
  • Epsom salt soak – contains elevated levels of magnesium that can improve the body’s natural ability to detox. Use it for 15 minutes in the starting of your bath, at least 2 times per week and the results are guaranteed!
  • Exercise – another way to make your body sweat more is exercising. Plus, you’ll be in better shape, so exercise is always a good idea.

What do YOU DO to detoxify yourself? Share some thoughts in the comments below

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