Edema is the second name for condition called water retention.
This condition may result with a lot of health issues, and most of them are serious.

This is mostly associated with women. And retention of the liquids is linked with pregnancy or with menstrual cycle.
Physical activity is the key term for this condition.

In addition to this post we are going to present you the condition which edema may signifies.

1. Reduce salt intake
Most of the food that we consume has salt in it. That is the first thing which will cause water retention. Sodium tights with water and makes the blood flow more difficult through the body.

Most of the surveys resulted that salt is needed for successful function of the body, but it will retain water.
Bear in mind that salt is also needed, when you want to make faster blood flow of liquids.

2. Take your Vitamins
Vitamin B6 I needed for proper function of the body, especially for the water levels in the organism. It will regulate it.

Just you need to take care of the amount of Vitamin E, you must not exceed it because it may cause you some problems.
You can eat walnuts, bananas, potatoes and meat for B6 levels.

3. Eat food rich in Potassium
The electrolyte which is mostly needed in the organism is potassium. In case we have lack of this element, the demonstration will be with muscle cramps and fatigue.

This will help elimination of the water retention.
You can consume tomatoes, avocados, bananas.

4. Avoid carbohydrates
The simple carbohydrates are going to retain the water levels.
You need to eliminate the white flour, sugar, rice, pasta and other similar nutrients, because these will increase the water retention.

To be on the safe side you need to eat complex carbohydrates.

5. Cook with Garlic
The best natural diuretic Is the best way to eliminate the water retention.
Most of the people are using the raw garlic, but because of the bad odor that provokes it is not for social events.

6. Exercise
Last but not least, exercise it the best way for preventing water retention. The circulation will be improved, and water retention will not be possible.





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