All the women in the world simply adore heels.
It looks more feminine, the girl looks taller, prettier etc.

Also, wearing high heels make female feel pain, and learning to walk with it. Meanwhile, they are struggling for solution.

Beside the fact that it can cause us certain damages on our body, girls still wear them.

It will cause you deformities in the body, when your chest will be pushed forward and the back part of the body will be pushed back more. With this position you will cause pressure and unbearable work on the lower back. This is very painful process.

If you wear sneakers or to walk barefoot, the food is having a position of straight angle. The high heels will cause you problems.

The unnatural foot position will cause you pain and some issues, which we are going to present you below.

High heels are making pressure on the spin, and will cause you pain.

In addition, we are presenting you the issues which high heels can cause.

  • Strained muscles appear in the zone of the ankles
  • Back pain
  •  Weakened Achilles tendons
  •  Nerve damage on the toes which can never be rejuvenated
  •  Weak calf muscles.