The movement which signalizes increasing the self-care, is a result of nowadays fast life and busy life, which provides us too many responsibilities, which are taking too much from our time.

The free time some people have, they will use it in from of some technology.
SO modern age, is having too much obligation without having the time for the self-care.

During the latest surveys, the people haven’t visited their psychiatrist for more than two years.
And the people who talked with them survived.

Humans need to talk to a certain person about self-care.
Another research which was made on 1000 adults, and 300 physicians on the theme self-care.

According to the doctors, the self-care presents a must therapy and all people need o have it. It is one of the most essential parts of the human life.
But, the response from the people said that they are not interested to talk about it. Some of them may even guilt the doctor for not giving them self-care guidance.

So, according to W. Jonas, people think that the doctors must take part in their life, and o be involved more even though they are taking pills and procedures.

But, as a doctor she needs to listen the people and accommodate to their needs.

For, example, when the people are talking to the doctors about self –care, they are talking of having enough sleep, eating healthy, exercising and enrich their mental health, and they are not talking like lightening a candle, having a long bath, which is also self-care which will relax you the best.

In case you want to talk about self-care with your doctor on next appointment, you need o tell to your doctor.

Most of the psychiatrists are not talking about this self-care, because they don’t have time on the appointments.

So, in case you want to speak with your doctor on this theme, you need to ask, and follow the next tips which we are going to present you.

The doctor needs to know that you want to speak with him about the self-care.
The doctors are telling to their patients; you need to say ahead what you want to talk about. In case you have 15, 20 minutes to talk, and you ask hundreds of questions, the doctor will be confused, and he can’t answer you the questions properly for that short period of time.

SO you need to tell your doctor previously, so he will answer the questions and you will take your time, well organized.

– Ask

You also need to ask if your doctor wants to talk with you on the theme self-care. There are doctors who don’t want to talk, so you can find another one just for talking about self-care.

You need to come prepared to your appointment.
Many people go to the appointments, and asking a ton of questions, which they cannot be answered. Like I want to lead healthy life, but I am mixing the nutrients, I want to exercise and so on and so on.

The doctor can’t give you an answer of that, because you are not even asking a question.

They cannot read your mind, so you need to sit at home and think about it a little bit.

Make your question properly, and ask the doctor, if he doesn’t know the solution, for sure, he knows someone, and he will guide you to the right way.

– Doctors can’t read our mind
The doctors can’t read your mind, but in case you need help you can ask them whatever you like.

Depression is more common than the most of the people can realize.