In case you are spending your time thinking why we need to poo every day, you are not alone.

It is healthy to do the poo every day, but it depends on your organism.
The organism is responsible for poo, whether it will be on one day, or every day.

It also depends on water, for making constipation. Because people are not drinking enough water.

Sometimes this is a problem, especially for women.
The constipation can affect your hormones, mostly estrogen, and will lead to ASAP.

In addition to this post we are going to present you several links and things between poo and hormones.

Responsible organ that makes the hormones into methylated forms is the liver.
Now the changed hormones are moved to the gut and there they are excreted.

Now, when you are constipated, the excretion is postponed.
So when the bowl is not moving, that means that estrogen is stocked. This means that it will be back in your body.

SO, you need to poo every day to remove the estrogen from your organism.
Furthermore, in case you don’t poo, it will ruin the balance on the gut flora which will produce other enzymes, which can lead to reactivation of the estrogen.

Health issues based on hormones caused by constipation

In case you have constipation once in a while it is not a big deal.
In case you have chronic constipation than it will ruin the flora, and will cause you disorders in hormones, and will recycle the hormones in the body which is very toxic.

Acne is one of the biggest sign that you have some kind of hormones balance.
In case you are showing up an acne you need to check your hormones.
In case you are not eliminating the hormones every day, you will have problem.

Others symptoms are:

  • headaches,
  • PMS,
  • frequent periods,
  • painful periods,
  • hot flashed etc.

Things which will promote the elimination of hormones- pooping

You need to consume food which will promote your daily pooping, light food.
In addition, we are present you practices which will promote hormone balance.
1. Exercise
You need to exercise on a daily basis and you will make your metabolism to work faster.

You need to make rest when you are going to eat. Be relaxed, and you will eat slowly.
You shouldn’t speak and walk when you eat, in order for better placing of the food in the stomach.

2. Drink more water: when you will drink water enough you will b able to have better and faster digestion, which will lead to everyday poo.

3. Increase the fiber intake: You can achieve this in case you eat foods which are full with fiber.
Foods like raspberry, watermelon, melon etc.
Also you need to consume ingredients which will improve the liver function.

You need to talk to nutritionist firs.

Hormone imbalance will cause you constipation and vice versa

It very common constipation to cause you hormone imbalance, but is also possible to have constipation from hormone balances.

You need to have normal thyroid production of hormones. In case this production is changed you may have constipation.

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