Bloating is the plague of 21 c.

Most of the people are feeling bloated, and they don’t know why.

You are feeling like there is an air in your abdomen right?

Well, you are not the only one. We are all aware that this feeling is out of our comfort zone.

Several surveys on this topic proved that from 16-36% of the people has dealt with bloating.

Because of fast life which we are living, and fast food that we are consuming, bloating is the most expected problem that we are going to have.

Most of us don’t realize that we need to eat healthy, because only with healthy food, we will be able to be responsible for all of our work. We will be able to do our daily obligations without any difficulties.

Bloating is causing us discomfort, pressure, feeling like we are about to explode. But, in case it is only a bloating because of the improper food consumption, it should vanish withing several hours.

In addition to this article we are going to present you solutions for bloating.

  • Eat several times in a day, in smaller dishes.
  • If you are eating a lot during one meal, you are not bloated, but you have eaten a lot.
  • Take smaller dishes, and your problem will be solved, very simple.
  • Next suggestion is that you need to chew your food more than 40 times. At the beginning you will count from 30-40 chews, and after you will get used to it and you won’t count.
  • Most of the people are feeling bloated because they have food allergies, but they are manifested through bloating. In case you notice that after eating certain food, you are feeling bloated, don’t eat that food that often.

Foods and supplies that you need to cut off from your diet:

  • Lactose: lactose naturally will make you bloated. You don’t have to be allergic to it. It is hard to dissolve in the stomach, that is why lactose often makes stomach issues.
  • Fructose: In case you cannot bear eating fructose, eliminate it, because it will also make you feel bloated.
  • Eggs: In case you struggle with egg allergy, bloating and gas will appear first.
  • Wheat and gluten: You may be allergic to these ingredients if you are feeling bloated after eating them.

In case you feel bloated, have gas or have stomach issues after eating of some of these foods, you need to cut them off.

Avoid swallowing air and gases

There are only two ways of gas to enter in our organism, one is through bacteria and the other way is while we eat and drink.

So, in case it is not bacteria, then you have probably eaten very fast, or you have probably talked when you have eaten, when we chew gum and when we are drinking something from straw.

Don’t consume food which will cause you gas

We should know ourselves best. So when we are consuming some kind of food we are feeling the consequences. So, in case we notice that some food is causing us a gas, or we are feeling bloated after the consumption of that precisely food, we suppose to lower it, or completely remove it from our diet.

Our suggestion is trying the low FODMAP diet

IBS which means irritable bowel syndrome, is one of the most common and wide spread digestive issue in the world.

According to the researches from this syndrome suffer more than 14% of the world population.

The signs that you also struggle with this syndrome are pain in the abdominal area, discomfort, bloating and diarrhea and constipation.

This FODMAP diet will lower or completely eliminate the signs for IBS.

In addition, we are presenting you the ingredients which FODMAPS diet allows for consumption.

  • Oniоns
  • Whеаt
  • Brоccоli
  • Gаrlic
  • Cаbbаgе
  • Bеаns
  • Artichоkеs
  • Cаuliflоwеr
  • Applеs
  • Wаtеrmеlоn
  • Pеаrs

Watch on sugar alcohols

Sugar free food and gums contain sugar alcohol. They are safe alternatives to sugar.

The worst thing is that will cause you digestive problems.

The digestive problems will cause bacteria, which is very tough issue, and you need to treat it longer period.

You need to consume lactase and beano as substances which will control the lactose intolerance.

These lactase and beano will give you an immediate relief.

Don’t be constipated

Another digestive problem is constipation.

One of the factors leading to bloating is constipation. The best solution for constipation is physical activity.

Consume probiotics

The thing which can be a reason for bloating is bacteria present in the intestine.

A lot of factors can cause bacteria, so for purpose of eliminating the bacteria you need o consume probiotic.

Probiotic are really helpful and you can use them immediately.

As a food which helps, you must try kefir, but you need to be patient for the results.

Use peppermint oil

As an alternative medicine for bloating is peppermint oil. It will help to renew the digestive tract.

In order to reduce the muscle spasm, you need to consume the antispasmodics.

Use spices 

Many doctors are aware that spices can eliminate the bloating. You need to consume them more frequently. For example, cayenne pepper people use most frequently. It will stimulate the digestion and gases. You will feel such a relief. So, the only thing you need to do is to add only one tablespoon of the cayenne pepper in your favorite drink.

Visit a doctor

If after all these medicines and all of the alternatives, the bloating and constipation continues, and then you must visit a doctor, because your body may be sending some sings for something more serious.