Our feet have some kind of power to eliminate the toxins of our body. This is proved by Chinese system of reflexology.

With this we want to tell you that you can detoxify your organism, and eliminate the extra toxins throughout your feet.

The process of detoxification is very simply. In addition to this post we are going to present you a couple of solutions.

1. Foot detox pads
The Detox pads can be found almost everywhere on the market.
You need to apply the pads under your feet before bedtime, and take them off in the morning when you wake up.
In case you see in the morning that the pads are dark, that means they were effective.

2. Ionic foot bath
This kind of bath will eliminate the excess toxins from the body.

The base is on electrolysis and will use electrical current, so it can be able to eliminate the toxins with chemical reaction.
You need to do it with warm water, because that is how you will open the pores, so the salt, which in this case is anti-inflammatory, can be absorbed from the feet just like the Ions.
You need to have dark salt at the end, which signifies you are free from toxins in your body.

In addition, we are presenting you different types of baths for elimination of the toxins.


1 cup оf Epsоm sаlt
1 cup оf sеа sаlt
2 cups оf bаking sоdа
Essеntiаl оils ( individual decision)

You need to add all the ingredients together in a boiling water, with purpose to dissolve.
Next step is to transport them into the container filled with warm water and pour the apple cider vinegar, the essential oils and salt.
In this mixture you need to keep your feet soaked for 30 minutes.

Furthermore, at the end of a day that was exhausting, you can use this bath, for relaxation and irritation.



1/2 cup bеntоnitе clаy
1/2 cup Epsоm sаlt
Essеntiаl оils (оptiоnаl)

You need to make a mixture of Epsom salt in a hot bath and pout the essential oils inside. You need to make a mixture from clay and water, and also you need to know that there should not be metal in it.
Soak yourself for 20 minutes and the magnesium levels will increase.
You will also be detoxified.


2 cups of hydrogen peroxide
1 tablespoon dried ginger power

You need to mix these two ingredients and add hot water and soak yourself for 30 minutes.
This bath is very good for elimination of allergies and irritations of the skin.