In case you struggle with overweight, you probably know how hard is to lose it.

The best feeling is when you can see the results that you had been struggling with.

You can so some things which will bring you pleasure and you will lose weight.

For example, hot yoga, or consuming more vegetables will lead you to lose some weight.

In addition, we are going to present you a couple of things that you need to bear on mind.

What you have got on your mind, the body will follow.

Why is that?

We can be what we want to be, the only thing that we need to do is to keep on supporting the process.

This means that in case you are motivating yourself, like you are thinking that you have been eating healthy for the last couple of weeks, and this will be the best motivation for you to think and cook something very healthy as a meal.


This is the best situation for weight loss, when you are in a complete control on your emotions.

This is very grown up ability, and it is very good during the time of diet.

You will be able to control your anger, your emotions, and not to let to your hunger.

Put your goals clear

You need to know what exactly is your goal, and they to achieve it.

Affirmations are clauses which you can use them as affirmation. You can make a recording and listen it every day and every bight.

This is the best partner during the weight loss period, because only by reminding you why you began, it is the only way to stay until the end.

In addition, we are presenting you some kind of motivation statements.

I love eating healthy food. It is very delicious.

I hate pizza, I will get sick.

I enjoy being in sauna every day.

I am motivated enough to be healthy.

I will be healthy and live a healthy life.


  • You can make a printed version of your motivation quotes, and place them on some visible place.
  • Also you can record them on your phone and you have the obligation to turn them on and listen them every day.

You need to respect your diet.

  • You need to be respectful and to take care of your diet. In case your diet says that you need to eat veggies, you will eat veggies.
  • Also a lot of greens. In case you don’t like them, you will love them, and think like that.


  • As you suppose to consume them, you probably know that the best way to eat them is raw.
  • SO all the vitamins and minerals will be transported to your stomach.
  • Don’t worry about the taste, you will get used to it.


Also, you will have to consume a lot of other nutrients.

People who were on a diet at the beginning, didn’t love the veggies, but as the time passed by, their opinion changed and now they are their favorite food.

In case you want to go to gym, you can eat: spinach, arugula, tomatoes, haricot verts and asparagus.

So before you will go to the gym, you need to add fuel for the workout.

In case you don’t have food in the organism, you cannot do the workout, because it is so exhausting process.

The Hunger will stop you from completing all the exercises.

You need to consume carbohydrates, in case you have lack of this, you will experience ketosis.

But, in case you have been eating, you will make the practice of yoga very difficult.

You need to know that you will have like crisis for snack, but you need to stay loyal.

You can’t cheat on your diet.

You need to know that in case you have snack attack, you need to consume a healthy snack, like an apple or pear or peach.

Many times you don’t even know whether you are bored or hungry. Next time when you will have a snack attack get out of your home and go for a walk, or run or just do something.

In case you have lack of motivation, you will search on Internet, and they will give you extra extra motivation.


You need to have a happy mind so you will have happy body.

As you are approaching to the end of your diet, you shouldn’t lose faith, and you need to try harder, even more.

You need to think nice so you will act nice.

You will lose weight if you think like that.

So, respect your schedule, train regularly and eat healthy.