Rosmarinus among the people is known as Rosemary.

It is a woody herb with fragrant, evergreen with needle like leaves and flowers in white, pink, blue or purple colors.

It comes from Mediterranean area. In the past it was use for a lot of purposes like health, food, beauty, and it was devoted to the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

These days, the herb, Rosemary is used for a lot of things, it has kept its popularity.

The scientists made a lot of surveys for this plant, and they discovered that we can use it for wrinkles, slowing down the aging process, and works great as antioxidant.
Furthermore, the doctors claim that Rosemary has power over our health, so also can be beneficial. The herb will regulate circulation and the blood flow to the issues, it will make our blood vessels much stronger.

According to me, the best usage of rosemary is for curing headaches, migraine, and also will help you with keeping the memory.
Next benefit from using rosemary is better and regulates the digestive system. It works great against constipation, indigestion, cramps etc.

Another positive thing is that this herb is improving the function of bile and helps for faster digestion of fats.

Rosemary, as herb, was investigated in 1995, and it was revealed that is very good for detoxification, for eliminating all the toxins and negative bacteria from our organism. That is why we use it for inflammation of the nose, ear, throat, and also for bronchitis.

The older people, like our grandparents, often used rosemary, mixed with water and some oil, made massage their knees, ankles, hands, neck-it is because rosemary treats rheumatism and pain in the muscles and bones.

Rosemary can prevent baldness. According some experts, this herb, if applied and used properly can prevent the hair falling out from the head.

One of the sources provided us the information that beside the fact it prevents baldness and will stop the braking of the weak hair, can also prevent dandruff.

From this mixture you can use to put it on your scalp every evening, and you will see improvement. Your hair will start to grow. This result is based on the improved circulation of the blood throughout our organism. The blood will reach to the scalp and will affect the root of the hair, this will result is growth of the hair.
WARNING: Children, pregnant women and nursing mother should consult with doctor if they want to use rosemary otherwise than cooking.

Another beneficial usage of the rosemary is for headaches and for improving your memory. With better blood circulation many things and function will be better. One of them is memory. Basically, rosemary directly affects your memory storage. Once you start consuming it appropriately and regularly, you will see the results.

Many people are thankful to the experts who discovered this herb. It is used for many purposes and in all of them is highly beneficial.

You should try it, and take it on a daily basis. There won’t be a chance for you to regret , but, you will be grateful and thankful.

In addition to this article we are going to provide you some recipes for making a Rosemary mixture and treat your pain. This recipe can be used for many purposes. Firstly, you can use is for treating pain in the ankles, bones, head, arms and legs. Secondly, the mixture can eliminate the symptoms of cold.

  • Rosemary mixture (tincture):

20g rosemary
100ml alcohol

Process of making:
Put the rosemary in the alcohol and wait for 10 days. When the ten days’ period has passed you can shake it and add 15-20 drops in 200ml water and drink it. You can also use it to massage certain parts of your body.

  • Rosemary tea:

Dried or fresh leaves of rosemary
Boiling water

Process of making:
You should add the leaves of rosemary in the boiling water and leave it to stay like that for 15 minutes. You should drink two cups, in the morning and one in the evening, but not before bed time.