In the world there are 4 blood types and those are A, B, AB and O zero type, and their conjointly which can be either positive or negative.

One very famous Nazi doctor, under the name Otto Rehe claimed that the blood type will influence on the health of the people, but longer time we haven’t had a survey on this theme.
This is a characteristic of Aryans. The blood type of their enemy was B.
In addition, we are going to present you the link between the blood type and the diseases which may occur.


The people who have this kind of blood type, are very fertile and also they can bear drinking a lot of alcohol.
They need to go on check-ups, because they are prone to abdomen cancer. Especially if they smoke or often consume alcohol.
The girls having this type of blood can get pregnant in older age, because they are very fertile.
Some people can be prone to alcohol and some kind of psycho neurotic Compulsive disorder.

These people are very prone to ulcers. Also, other possible diseases are Alzheimer’s, senility, and common inflammations.
The good thing here is that the people with blood type B, have very fast metabolism so no disease is too dangerous for them, they will fight and cure it.

These people are at higher risk of cardiopathy which can be liked with abdomen cancer, and having stomach ulcers from Helicobacter pylori.
So, according to this, these people are a higher risk for protozoal infection which involves Asiatic cholera.
The males with this kind of blood type are susceptible to avoirdupois and the females have eggs with very low quality, so it is very hard to conceive naturally.

In case you are this blood type, you are prone to coronary failure and you can have cardiopathy, organic process issues and gastritis.
The females belonging to this group are prone to increased risk of high vital sign called pre-eclampsia. Also cancer of the internal reproductive organ.
Most of the doctors claim that the corticoid levels will put the levels in normal. So as a result of this the people with AB blood shouldn’t suppose to have problems with the eyesight.