Microbiome is the word which is used to stand for bacteria, viruses and fungi in our organism.

A lot of bacteria can be good, but there are also numerous of bacteria and viruses which are basically bad.

The bacteria in the organism will produce the vitamin B12 and foliate, vitamin K and niacin.

Gut need to have balance and it is the best protection from bad bacteria that we may have in our body.

It will also regulate the immune system and inflammation
And that is not all, the gut also produces the fuel for the brain for its proper function.

Losses weight
It will help you to lose your weight, and produces dopamine and serotonin
Many surveys were made on the topic how the microbiome will help us lose weight.

The results showed that type 2 diabetes, heart disease, bowel disease and obesity are caused by abnormal work of gut.

It was proved that as much amount of good bacteria you have, the easy the way to lose weight will be.

You need to cut eating carbohydrates, proteins, and fat, so you will stop the bad bacteria entering in your body.

In addition to this post we are going to present you some tricks for good bacteria to be balanced with the bad bacteria, and you will result with weight loss.

1. Bacteria in gut extracts with certain amount of nutrients
There is a rule, how many calories you will consume you need to work out to eliminate the same amount of calories, or more in order to lose weight.
The people who have more weight than they should have, in the gut they contain more formicates bacteria, which have the power to transform the calories into another bacteria.

2. The bacteria in the gut will affect the immune system and inflammation

Immune system can be weakened in case you have some kind of bacteria increasing in your gut.
It will make a chaos in the organism, because it will increase the insulin resistance, as a result of this you will have more appetite. This condition is caused by consuming a lot of junk food, processed food, poor diet, a lot of sugar.
So, in case you are not leading some healthy life, you just can exercise, because you will release a lot of substances which will regulate the gut bacteria.

3. A healthy gut will produce good neurotransmitters
Dopamine and serotine will help you to stabilize the bacteria in the gut.
They will reduce the stress, and the hunger can be eliminated. Also will reduce the anxiety, depression, moodiness etc.

Symptoms that you have increased bad bacteria in the gut.

In case you struggle with Lyme disease, mold and autoimmune diseases will be find out with these symptoms.

– Hormonal imbalances
Can be caused by poor diet, increased consumption of sugar, process and low fiber foods.
Consumption of more antibiotics
Consumption of NSAIDS and acid reliefs
Also it can be on a genetics base, your lifestyle, in case you are consuming junk food, you don’t exercise you will develop this kind of imbalance.

In addition, we are presenting you suggestions how to increase the consumption of good bacteria.

1. Prebiotics:
These kinds of food will help you to have better gut function. It will boost the function f the gut, and for this purpose you should eat asparagus, chicory root, garlic, jicama and onions.

2. Probiotics:
The probiotics are the second name of good bacteria. It is just the same which is made in the gut. In order to increase the level of probiotics in the organism you can consume yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, miso, and kimchee.

3. Fiber
This will improve the function of the gut, and the good bacteria will have increased level in the organism. For this purpose, you need to consume 25 to 35 grams per day. So you need to eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole gains. You need to make a division like half fruits half vegetables in one plate. In case you can’t consume fiber that much, you need to consume more water.
Another option is when you have soluble fiber which can be found in flax seed, sweet potatoes, apricots, oranges, legumes and oatmeal.
You can use these in your diet for weight loss program.

4. Plants:
You need to consume a lot of plants which can boost the production of good bacteria in your organism.

5. Healthy fats
Omega 3 fatty acids are the best thing that you can consume. It will improve the production of good bacteria and will boost your immune system.
You can find it in the fish and flax seeds, olive oil, avocado oil, MCT which are medium –chain triglycerides in coconut oil.

In addition, we are presenting you the list of food which you should eliminate from the diet program. In contrary, they will cause you difficulty in the weight loss process.

1. Processed foods need to be eliminated, because they are the main causers f bad bacteria, and will cause you many more problems, which are difficult to be solved.
2. Animal protein
In case you are consuming a lot of meat and protein, you need to reduce their amount because they will feed the bacteria.
3. Artificial sweeteners:
The sugar will increase any kind of bacteria. You need to cut on sugar.
In case you want something sweet you can consume some kind of sweet fruit.

Reducing of the bad bacteria in the gut will improve your everyday life, and will keep you healthy.
This will also reduce the level of stress, anxiety, and you will need to start exercising, so you will get enough sleep.